New report – The Lies of the CCP during coronavirus crisis in China

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About Us

Seeing human rights as an isolated area makes them just a theory. That’s why we focus on the connections between human rights & economy, information technology and health.

We are a registered non-profit organization in Prague, Czech Republic.

Our Goals

Our dream would be for people to read our reports, but almost nobody likes to read a full report. That kind of a fact changes you, and so we actually focus on figuring out how to make human rights research readable.

But that’s about us, and the world is not just about us. That’s why mainly focus on creating research that will directly help certain people, that can have a meaningful impact, and that we can deliver to an interested audience.

About You

We are interested in your human rights. Are they respected? Do you believe in them? Human rights are the bottom line below which nobody should go and hurt us. People don’t deserve that.

And as we see it, an ideology not maintaining this kind of bottom line at all is communism. That’s why we focus on that.

We Believe

In Responsibility

In order to influence the rest of the world, countries with communist parties or covert communism need the help of western institutions and people. If we’ll go about it responsibly, communism won’t have much audience.

In Evidence

Communism has always lack of proper evidence and a lack of proper answers. It’s because it does not try to back up the truth, but lies instead. That’s why there is always a crime to investigate, a crime to research.

In You

You’ve read this page so far, and that’s just amazing. Means you’re interested. In fact, it’s all about you – if you’ll care about dignity, sincerity and be considerate in your life, you can make a big difference. Communism can’t do that.