The Economics of Organ Harvesting in China

Transplant tourists from at least 20 countries worldwide travel to China for organs.

At least 20 companies either supply China with transplant products or are trying to enter that market.

The illegal organ harvesting in China can be significantly restrained by cooperating with western companies.

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Chinese sources used: Here (ZIP)

Form to buy a transplant in China: Here

92% medical devices to China being imported: Here

A question worth tens of billions of USD

At least 20 western companies – and possibly up to 28 – supply China, in some cases for over 20 years, with the materials, drugs and devices supporting the development of the transplantation business, while being aware of the facts and evidence related to illegal organ harvesting. The revenue of these companies from doing so goes to billions of USD each year and shows signs of growing over the last decade.

It’s not like the criminals in China have any other choice than to use the imported western equipment – as China is not self-sufficient at all when it comes to medical devices, and for example even in 2019 is massively dependent on the import of devices for organ preservation, and up to 92% of the medical equipment is being into China imported, based on the evidence found.

The western companies in the area of medical business support transplantation in a country where patients from at least 20 countries and regions in the world – as is proven by another part of our research in this report – travel for an organ which was supplied to them outside of the waiting list for Chinese citizens, has a dubious source, and somebody might have been killed for it. Actually, someone probably was.

This topic was looked into in parliaments of many countries, and a lot of evidence confirming the use of prisoners of conscience for organs has been revealed, one of the largest sources being a report by independent investigators in 2016 (ETAC), based on which, as well as other new evidence (WOIPFG and other organizations or individual researchers), an independent people’s tribunal in London confirmed on 17th July 2019 that the crime is indeed happening, and on a very massive scale. Even the part of using executed prisoners for organs is not alright, as the evidence we came across suggests that in some cases those people would not be given death sentence in a fair legal system.

Illegal organ harvesting is a criminal activity, legally punishable by law, and companies from democratic countries do supply (possibly unknowingly and indirectly) the criminals with the tools they use to make money out of it. The organ harvesting in this case is quite similar to contract killing, except that the agreement is made with China, instead of directly the killer, and you don’t know the name of the victim – you just know that the killer will find a ‘suitable donor’ for you.

Western companies at risk

All the criminals should have long ago went to great lengths to make every company as complicit as possible, and so even if the company would be completely innocent, it is in an extremely vulnerable situation since their area of business in China is far from any meaning innocence can ever have. If you were one of the criminals do not mind killing people, would you not go to any lengths to secure the supply of the tools your business is constantly dependent on?

The doctors also gave away in their medical studies new pieces of evidence for this abuse. A third party is contacting patients with organ offers just when they get on the waiting list (with some of them then going to China); there are brokers even when it comes to China; some of the patients apparently look for an organ in China even before doing so in their country; and there are still functioning websites you can ask for an organ transplant.

It can be stopped

The evidence in this report reveals that the illegal organ harvesting in China is not a criminal offense limited to just that one country, but inevitably depends on many factors outside of it. This makes it all the more pressing – and possible – for the relevant authorities to look into it, such as medical, human rights and foreign policy associations, business organizations, chambers of commerce and others. There are many questions these organizations can ask and for which they would easily be able to find the answers, some of which we have tried to present in this report.

If we compare this crime again to contract killing, it is as the West:

a) provides China with clients (transplant tourists)
b) provides China with the tools to carry out the shady business (transplant products)
c) ignores the victims China kills for western people (prisoners of conscience)

We provide both the clients and the tools – so it is us who can do something, regardless of what China promises (again) or does.

The evidence used in this report is based on objective, public data available to everyone. Anyone can follow the methodology we used in our research and arrive to the same conclusions. The business charts and annual reports show always only the same numbers and the medical studies we used were written by western doctors.

The illegality of it:

China is officially admitting to be harvesting organs of executed prisoners, but since in 2008 it executed a medical scientist just for sharing medical secrets with Taiwan, it means some of these people do not deserve a death sentence in the least, and anyone supporting this side of it is still supporting the harvesting of organs from people unfairly killed based on a democratic legal system.

China is using prisoners of conscience as the source of organs (Tibetans, Falun Gong, Christians and Uyghurs), and while the amount of evidence for that heavily varies between each group, it is agreed upon that it is indeed happening. Supporting transplantation in China means supporting the killing of innocent people.

Sir Geoffrey Nice QC concluded at China Tribunal in June 2019 that “Governments and any who interact in any substantial way with the PRC including: Doctors and medical institutions; Industry, and businesses, most specifically airlines, travel companies, financial services businesses, law firms and pharmaceutical and insurance companies together with individual tourists; Educational establishments; Arts establishments, …should now recognize that they are, … interacting with a criminal state”.

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